Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project: Food Budget


A fantastic group of bloggers working toward staying on budget with their groceries. Right up our alley! (Get the details here.)

Guy and I aren't fantastic at staying on budget, but we try to plan meals ahead of time and cook at home. It's just too easy to pick up a frozen pizza and some mac 'n' cheese too or to blow our budget on beer.

Here's our plan: We split our week up into two grocery trips. One on Thursdays and one on Sundays, each with a 25$ budget. We include all our other household miscellany (e.g. toiletries, cleaning supplies, toilet paper) in this budget with the exception of pet supplies.

Each Thursday, I'll post about whether we stayed on budget, what we've been eating, and maybe some recipes. Of course, I'll also be including our CSA food into our meal plans and budgeting.

If you'd like to start reading posts from people already started on Project: Food Budget, please see the links below.

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