Sunday, March 27, 2011

CSA haul #9

We finally made our way back out to the farm again!

The weather could not have been more beautiful for our triumphant return. Farmer Marie was hosting a Dallas Morning News photographer, as well as us work share folks. We had a lot of fun talking to them as we harvested lettuce, kale, garlic greens, and more.

Guy and I spent a good portion of the four hours we spent out there (we missed it so much we didn't want to leave!) getting the lettuce mix ready for pick-up. We also spent plenty of time petting the kittens and talking to the chickens.

Here's our haul this week:

Left to right, anticlockwise: kale, beets (one red, one yellow), and turnips

From bottom left, anticlockwise: salad mix with arugula, lamb's quarters, endive, rose d'hiver, bibb, and red lettuce; garlic greens, arugula flowers, and mustard green flowers; beet greens, couple mustard green leaves, and chard

The turnips and salad mix were pretty much the same for everyone, although I may have made sure ours was a little heavier on the lamb's quarter and arugula. For the rest of the haul, however, we were allowed to pick and choose what we wanted and we opted for a small amount of everything, rather than loading up on all mustard greens or all chard or all beets.

I was so ready to eat this delicious haul that I almost didn't even get a picture of the kale. As you can see, it's already on the cutting board and ready to be added to the white bean soup I was making.

We're so glad the CSA is back in swing. Soon we'll all be gathering for the annual potluck, I've heard so much about. Guy and I will of course bring something delicious to share, but we'll also bring our juggling, hula hoops, unicycle, and other toys to play with and share. Fun for everyone!

In that vein, here's a picture of my beau, the hobo, with an eatable bouquet straight from the farm: our garlic greens, arugula flowers and mustard green flowers.

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