Saturday, May 14, 2011

CSA haul #16

This is the last haul of the cold season. It looks a lot like last weeks, which is great because we really enjoyed it.

Above: 2 red cabbage "heads", snow peas, braising greens (mostly turnip and chard), and 5 onions with greens!

Below: Spring salad mix, a lot of lamb's quarter (Guy loves that stuff!), and "green" garlic
I'm excited to try the garlic. We received garlic greens earlier this year, but these are our first heads. They are pretty small, so they should be mild, but hopefully tasty.

Today at the farm was a lot of fun. We harvested onions and snow peas and cabbage with a fellow work-sharer. It was really laid back and the weather was beautiful!

Tomorrow is the annual CSA member potluck at the farm. We'll be bringing mashed potatoes made with our onions and garlic from the farm.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

CSA haul #15

From top left, anticlockwise: cabbage, several small onions, snow peas, braising greens, radishes with greens, and a lettuce mix

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This is quite a haul!

We also had a good time working really hard on the farm with other work shares, harvesting onions and mulching between rows. What a workout!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

CSA haul #14

Guy had a stilts gig this weekend and I had a lot of work to do so we missed our work share. I did drop by and pick up our haul though.

From top left, anticlockwise: salad greens, 5 small onions with greens; snow peas; braising greens including turnip, kale, and chard.