Saturday, June 25, 2011

CSA haul #20

Oh my! We finally got the carrots out of the ground and our share alone had 121 carrots! I see carrot soup, lots of juices, and salad on our plate in the near future. Plus, the first batches of tomatoes are starting to come. We will soon be overrun with tomatoes, a problem I would love to have.

Our share this week:
3 colors of carrots, 11 tomatoes (3 are huge!), and lamb's quarter.

Today on the farm, I helped some other work share members pull up all these carrots. Over 100 pounds! It was a lot more work than I thought pulling carrots would be. In the cartoons, it looks so easy.

Guy spent the whole time cutting down lamb's quarter and getting it prepped for the shares. Also a big job and he didn't have any help!

Plus, we got a little special addition to our share.
Farmer Marie knows we love to make raw sauerkraut and she had a whole row of cabbages that weren't really suitable for putting in the shares.

Basically we got the last ditch effort that these cabbages could make after they'd been harvested earlier. She was going to compost them but thought of us first.

Guy has started them fermenting, so we'll see in a week or two if they are suitable for kraut.

Next week, my mom will be visiting from Missouri and she's going to join us out on the farm! Fun, fun!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

CSA haul #19

This week at the farm we mulched rows to prepare them for melons, pumpkins, and squash, as well as doing a little weeding of the tomato plants. I love weeding, especially tomatoes because the smell of tomato plants makes my heart sing!

Anyway, we got a pretty small haul this time but every single item is a favorite of mine, so I'm happy. We got 1 lb of tomatoes, 1 lb of yellow squash, 1/2 lb of cucumber, and 1 lb of peaches. We had another peach but it didn't make it home for the picture. :grin: The peaches, cucumber, and squash are all from Larken Farms, but Farmer Marie splurged and bought them for us because our farm's been so slow to produce.

This week was also market day, so we bought a pound of organic Fair Trade coffee from Fresh Life. They started coming out to market day last time, but we didn't need coffee. I'm so excited to have a Bold cup of coffee tomorrow morning!
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Friday, June 10, 2011

CSA hauls #17 and 18

Our last post saw the last of the winter hauls and I thought we were going to have a couple weeks off. We were gone over Memorial Day weekend and there was no pick-up for shares.

Last weekend we went to do our work share, pulling turnips out of the ground for two hours, but figured we would have no share again.
We got blueberries and squash from our friendly neighbor farmer John, plus 2 lbs of onions and 1 lb of garlic.

Summer is here!

This week we kicked dirt around looking for any potatoes left behind after Marie had turned the soil. We found quite a few.
It was really fun, like a treasure hunt or an archaeology expedition! Plus we came home with 5 lbs of potatoes and 1 more lb of onions. Good gracious, we have a lot of onions!

And just because we're so special, Marie sent us home with this beauty of a tomato,
a "mortgage lifter".

They're just starting to ripen so there aren't enough for everyone. There are definitely perks to being a work share!