Saturday, June 18, 2011

CSA haul #19

This week at the farm we mulched rows to prepare them for melons, pumpkins, and squash, as well as doing a little weeding of the tomato plants. I love weeding, especially tomatoes because the smell of tomato plants makes my heart sing!

Anyway, we got a pretty small haul this time but every single item is a favorite of mine, so I'm happy. We got 1 lb of tomatoes, 1 lb of yellow squash, 1/2 lb of cucumber, and 1 lb of peaches. We had another peach but it didn't make it home for the picture. :grin: The peaches, cucumber, and squash are all from Larken Farms, but Farmer Marie splurged and bought them for us because our farm's been so slow to produce.

This week was also market day, so we bought a pound of organic Fair Trade coffee from Fresh Life. They started coming out to market day last time, but we didn't need coffee. I'm so excited to have a Bold cup of coffee tomorrow morning!
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