Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project: Food Budget: Week 3

Budget: 70$
Actual Spent: 2.50$

Yes, that's right. 2.50!

  • Dinner rolls.
All we bought this week was dinner rolls. We spent 7 days away from home this week, 5 with my mom footing the bill and 2 with Guy's mom feeding us.

CSA: We were in Missouri this weekend, so we missed another work share day. We feel pretty terrible about missing three weeks in a row, but then again we didn't have pickups those weeks either. This week we'll be back in business on all fronts.

Meals eaten:
  • Fancy steak dinner
  • Amazing, hot Indian food
  • Chili dogs
  • Pot roast and veg
  • Beans and cornbread
What we learned:
  • 1. Visiting our parents is profitable.
  • 2. It is also fun!
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  1. we had a similar week! gotta love when someone else is footing the bill. works wonders on the budget. ;-)

  2. Mental note to self: Visit family more often...

  3. It's really nice! We got to use that money for some much appreciated fun. We are really good at having fun for free but it's really nice to go out sometimes or buy yourself a new toy.