Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project: Food Budget: Week 7

Budget: 70$
Actual Spent: 113.43$

  • bananas
  • red pepper
  • green cabbage
  • red onion
  • jalapenos
  • limes
  • pineapple
  • guacamole
  • rolls
  • bread
  • burrito-sized tortillas
  • frozen stuffed peppers
  • riblets and mashed potato meal
  • brisket and mashed potato meal
  • frozen sausage rigatoni
  • Domino's pizza
  • koolaid
Obviously this week was not our best week. Not only did we spend way over thanks to eating out, but we also went back to eating premade food from the grocery store.

CSA: The salad mix, turnip greens, and garlic greens have made for delicious salads all week.

Meals eaten:
  • Peanut butter & honey sammies
  • Steakum sammies (with homemade sauerkraut)
  • BBQ burritos
  • Fajita burritos
  • Frozen stuffed peppers
  • Frozen sausage rigatoni
  • Domino's pizza
What we learned:
  1. Eating out unexpectedly is not good for our budget. We have decided to schedule one dining out experience each week to allow ourselves the luxury. We will try to make it a real restaurant and not fast food (and not always pizza) and we will try to split a meal instead of each getting one.
  2. Buying frozen pre-made food is practically the same as eating out. I want to get back to eating healthy home-cooked meals. I need to come back to the fundamentals of meal planning.
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  1. it's easy to go for easy and convenient foods, but it always ends up costing you {both in cost, and the nutritional content}.

    do you have a few easy meals that you make in your cooking repertoire? we have a few easy pasta dishes and wraps that take maybe 25 minutes to make. that certainly helps on days {or weeks} when we don't feel like cooking...

  2. Apparently that's what I need is a few easy meals in our repertoire, but my easy meals are not good for us at all.

    Maybe that will be my homework this weekend. Find two or three easy meals that I can fall back on that are also healthy and cheap(ish).