Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project: Food Budget: Week 6

Budget: 70$
Actual Spent: 50$

  • Cabbage (red and green)
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Sub bread
  • Mac n cheese
  • Ground turkey
  • Steak'ums
  • Tuna
  • Sparkling water
  • Fried okra
  • Frozen pizza and breadsticks
  • Whataburger
Between an awesome friend who made us food (and sent us home with leftovers) and our overabundance from last week, we didn't have to buy many groceries this week and most of what we did buy was unexpected "comfort food" during some stressful moments this week.

CSA: We braised the chard and ate it as a side dish, ate tons of salads with the lettuce mix and garlic greens, made two batches of Brussels sprout green casserole, and used the lavender for tea and lemonade.

Meals eaten:
  • Brussels sprout greens casserole, recipe to come.
  • Broiled tilapia parmesan with wild rice and chard
  • Mac n cheese n tuna n peas and fried okra
  • Dallas cheesesteaks: Steakums, onions and bell peppers, and provolone on a sub roll
  • Lennyburgers and sweet potato fries: a chef friend of ours wowed us with his amazing poblano burgers with aioli

What we learned:
  1. We have awesome friends. Not only did we have some fun parties this week with amazing food, we also had several friends help rescue us and our car when it died on the side of the freeway.
  2. That being said, we had an extremely stressful week with the car and deadlines. This lead to us choosing to eat our comfort foods: burgers, mac n cheese, and pizza. There are better ways to deal with stress. We're working on them.
  3. Organization saves money. I bought brown rice this week because I couldn't find any in our pantry. Then later in the week I was cleaning out our cupboard and found a full unopened bag of brown rice.
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  1. hope everything got squared away with the car.

    i got so fed up with purchasing things i didn't know i had, that i made a list of everything in our "overflow" area and freezer. worked well for a while, then got annoying to update.

  2. I just need to organize our pantry. We moved from a much larger duplex to our apartment and we still haven't really squared away where to put everything.

    Our car is okay. Thankfully, my Guy's pretty handy. :)