Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thoughts on wasted food

So far in this endeavor, Guy and I have done a fair job of eating everything we're given. However, we haven't been perfect. This week I didn't pick much Pak Choy because we ended up throwing out ours from two weeks ago. That was the first time we had really just not used something at all.

It got me thinking. Lately, I've slipped back into an "eat out" habit. For me this is less about craving the food at restaurants and more about not wanting to do the work of cooking and the subsequent clean up.

When we're eating at home and things are running smoothly, I greatly prefer the food we eat to the "eat out" options. But the never-ending dirty dishes seemingly springing up from every counter in the kitchen is sometimes just too much to bear.

No amount of menu planning or do-goodery can overcome my laggard ways. Is there anything that can convince me to eat my delicious spicy salad of raw garden-y goodness instead of ordering a pizza on a whim?

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